Celtic Griffin

Part eagle and part lion, the meaning reflects its dual physical form by presenting a balance of good and bad attributes. The Griffin represents divine power & guardian of the divine. Noble protectors of life and in afterlife. Commonly associated with vengeance & strength in war, the regal creature commands deep respect.

The Sentinel

Faced with another evil adversary to battle, psychic Maggie Blair will put her extraordinary celestial powers to the test. Max and Maggie are forced to fight a hostile extraterrestrial being, joined by Fallon, the quick witted and foul mouthed young Sentinel wannabe. Will the free-spirited trainee help complete the mission or put them all in danger with her recklessness?

With fierce women kicking extraterrestrial ass, The Sentinel is action packed with plot twists that will keep you guessing til the very end.

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Welcome to the website of Kingsley Roberts paranormal romance writer of the Maggie Blair Series of books.

Plagued by a recurring dream, Maggie Blair is shocked the night she comes face to face with the mysterious guardian of her dreams. Intuitive visions and spirits haunting her, the young psychic's life was far from normal.

Unaware of a sinister cult's plot to kill her, she survives an attack by a demon, which reveals a powerful ability she never knew she possessed. Despite the feelings for her irresistible boyfriend, Maggie struggles with the growing desire for the incredibly handsome guardian, Max.

After stringent training, Maggie finally accepts her superhuman power and the responsibility as the Celestial. Sworn to fight the malevolent forces that threaten to end humanity, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. Will the Celestial defeat her enemy or fall victim to the ancient demon?

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