Maggie Blair & Starya Knight Series

Stepping into the light from the street lamp, the mysterious man from my dreams approached. My gut instinct was to seek him out, to go to him. I was being driven by curiosity, for the desperate need to know him greatly out-weighed the fear of being harmed.

When logic slapped me across the face, I shuddered as my brain woke up to realize the imminent danger. This stranger could kill me in the deserted street and nobody would hear my screams. Suddenly, tears filled my eyes as I glanced up at him. One lone tear drifted down my cheek when the distance between us became nonexistent.

Carefully brushing the teardrop away, he cupped my cheek in his gentle hand. He gazed profoundly into the depths of my soul, and my body ceased to tremble. A great sadness loomed in his placid green eyes, but his face shown no signs of emotion. With his chiseled good looks and commanding stature, it was virtually impossible for me to turn away.

After resurrecting a corpse bound for the morgue, nurse Starya Knight is shocked by the powerful glow of her touch. Her best friend Jackie introduces her to a classified world of fascinating extraterrestrial beings. The young nurse discovers she is one of an elite race that holds the title of Peacekeeper, an alien hybrid that maintains peace within each species residing on Earth. Starya is challenged by her new role but is met with uncertainty as she uncovers hidden family secrets beneath years of lies and betrayal.

In the hunt for retribution, Ethan "Easy" McLane's journey takes him to a sleepy beach town in South Carolina. He is enchanted by his beautiful neighbor, but definitely not looking to bring anyone else into the midst of his sordid life. With his business full of unscrupulous people, Easy is on a mission to bring the man responsible for his brother's incarceration to justice- by any means possible.

In a world run rampant by unsanctioned alien visitors, Starya's existence is invaded by evil. In a battle for her life, she is destined to face both human and inhuman threats. Will she survive the strike against humanity and persevere over the brutal alien attack? Can the loyal Peacekeeper's ability be enough to raise the dead under duress or will she crumble under pressure?

The Peacekeeper

: The Peacekeeper

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: The Sentinel

: The Celestial

The Celestial

Book I of the Maggie Blair Series

An excerpt from The Sentinel

A blaze of white light shot from the Vessel's fingertips. The sharp bolt of lightning blasted my leg as I attempted to dive for cover. Excruciating pain pulsated deep into my right leg, and I was forced to drag it as I slid behind a wooden crate. Struggling to breathe through the agony that ripped through me, I was terrified to look down squeezing my eyes shut.

Praying in vain my injury was only minor. With a firm hold on my lower leg I gasped at the wide hole burned into the denim. Rolling up the scorched material shocked to see charred black flesh underneath. I sat watching the horrible wound slowly ooze blood.

Sucking in stale air through my teeth, my pain tolerance was shot to hell. "Ohhh, that smarts! Sweet Jesus, what now?" Shaky hands and throbbing leg, I grimaced in torturous defeat. Slow deep breaths emerged as I focused on healing.

"Maggie Blair, get out here so I can beat you senseless with my fists. I promise not to use my abilities," she chuckled.

I scoffed at her pathetic challenge but desperately wished for a morphine drip.

Anger ignited and my voice blared, "I wasn't born yesterday, but if you insist-" I hobbled over to stand in front of the blue haired beast. She wasn't privy to the fact that my punch could pack one heck-of-a kinetic wallop. The Vessel approached me stopping mere inches away. I swallowed a giggle as I surveyed the miniture size of my adversary. Being electrocuted twice in one day had reduced me to a blithering juvenile.

"Oh holy shit! You're a roly poly little thing. What are ya, four foot nothin'? Let me guess...Asian Leprechaun? Duh, I got it-midget Geisha!" Provocation was my area of expertise and I  laid it on thick.